advent devotional guide 2021

The church calendar orients our lives around the life of Jesus and his Church, allowing that story to shape our yearly rhythms. We begin in Advent, anticipating Jesus' birth and second coming. Advent prepares us to receive Christ more deeply into our lives. During this season we learn from Israel how to long for Christ; just as they anticipated the coming of the Messiah (the first Advent), so we long for his return. In Advent, we allow ourselves to feel the darkness of a world not yet set right. From that place, we yearn for Christ and practice hope. 

This year we will observe Advent with the Christians of Sudans' Nuba Mountains. Throughout the devotional guide, linked below, you will see images and read stories about the Nuba people and their Advent experience. You can join them in prayer for King Jesus to come and make all things right - in Sudan and in the Valley!