Advent Devotional guide 2020

We commonly think of Advent in terms of anticipating Jesus’ birth, and so we should. But it may feel strange to “put on” a sense of longing for something already past. We recognize that this season prepares us for Jesus’ birth, yes; but it also points us to his second coming and final judgement. This, then, is a season of longing: a time to allow ourselves to feel the darkness of a world not yet set right; a time to reignite a holy discomfort with the present and wait on God. 

The guide below is designed to situate us, individually, and communally, in this Advent season of holy anticipation, longing, and hope. 

Advent and the christian year

We all naturally use some way to keep track of time. We watch the changing seasons as the year passes from spring to winter. The Christian year invites us into its own deeply formative way to tell time. It orients our lives around the life of Jesus and his Church, allowing that story to shape our yearly rhythms of life. Advent, meaning “arrival” or “appearance”, kicks off the Christian year in expectation for the coming Messiah. From there, the church follows the life of Jesus, from his birth at Christmas, through the light of his life in Epiphany, the road to the Cross during Lent, and the exuberant celebration of his resurrection at Easter. After our Lord ascends to the throne on Ascension Day and then send the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, we move into Ordinary Time, a time to joyfully acknowledge God’s presence with his Church in her daily mission. The Christian year, thus becomes yet another way to abide in Christ, to find our lives situated in his as we live out our calling as a people redeemed. 

Join us on December 5th for a workshop on celebrating Advent in the home. The Jesse Tree will be featured, with a chance to make the ornaments that are in the Advent Devotional Guide. For parents of preschoolers to fifth graders, there will be supplies and directions to make the four Advent plaques that correspond with the Advent Sundays in Godly Play. The recent book by Jerome Beeryman, Godly Play at Home, will be given out to help parents facilitate the Advent stories at home. 

Due to COVID mandates, this workshop will be limited to 25 attendants. 

Please use this form to reserve your spot!