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Arts Incarnate

Project Locrea
Sleeps with the Fishes by GM Grant
Flamenco - Nelson Bernal

About Arts Incarnate

The arts are a gift from God. He is the Creator and we see His creativity in the world all around us. We are thankful that He chose to share His creativity with us. The Church of the Incarnation believes that the long history of art in the church rests on one basic value: the church needs art (and artists) and artists need the church. We recognize that art does not have to be overtly religious to draw us closer to God. Drawing ourselves in, exposing ourselves, or simply sitting with art that expresses beauty, truth, and justice inherently brings us closer to our Creator. 

In 2020, The Church of the Incarnation launched Arts Incarnate, an outreach arm of the church, for the purpose of engaging in the local Downtown Harrisonburg community arts scene. Through all genres of the fine, visual, and performing arts, the mission of Arts Incarnate is to seek and experience Beauty, Truth, and Justice through the Arts. To learn more about upcoming concerts and events, or to learn how you can get involved, visit the link below. 

Upcoming Events

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