2020 Annual Celebration

Our Annual Celebration is a time when we thank God for his faithfulness to us in the past, anticipate his kind provision for the future, and commit ourselves to service for the upcoming year. We will gather outside on November 15th for this year's celebration (more details to come). In the meantime, we encourage you to read through this year's booklet, prayerfully consider how you will serve, and use the form below to sign up!

(Photographs from last year's Annual Celebration.)

Annual celebration booklet

This booklet lists the many volunteer opportunities at Incarnation, our Parish Council nominees, and the 2021 budget. 

Click here to view the PDF.

service commitment form

After you have looked through the booklet, please use this form to sign up for the way(s) you'd like to serve in 2021. This form also helps us keep our information up to date!

Click here for the Service Commitment form.