Lent Has Begun

Lent is a forty-day pilgrimage, culminating in the celebration of the risen Christ.  This journey begins on Ash Wednesday, when we are marked with the sign of the cross in ashes–a reminder that "you are dust, and to dust you shall return."  It concludes on Holy Saturday, the eve of Easter Sunday, the morning of which Christ's life and light flooded our dying world.  Lent is the church's journey through death to resurrection life.

Lent is not a time for doing things we never do otherwise.  Like Sunday, Lent is for intensifying things we do all the time.  It is a journey of repentance, dying to sin and to the power it holds on our lives.  Lent leads us to the brilliance of God's presence, the mercy of his forgiveness, and the joy of his new life.  This Lent, may we journey to Easter with hearts purified and renewed!

What to expect during Lent

  • 40 day Training Session in deliberate commitment to growth in Christlikeness
  • Daily Scripture and Prayer

What are the main days of Lent?

  • Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent
  • Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday
  • Maundy Thursday is the night of the Last Supper
  • Good Friday is when Jesus died on the cross
  • Holy Saturday is when Jesus is in the tomb

How do we observe Lent?

There may be great diversity in how individuals and families mark the season of Lent.  Yet for our church family, setting our faces toward Jerusalem together, Lent is marked by four corporate disciplines.

  1. Worship: Adjust your schedule to participate in these additional worship services
  2. Fast: Practice both the Lenten Fast and the Total Fast.
  3. Scripture and Prayer: Download the Lent Devotional Guide below
  4. Bring Lent Home: We all are weak, we need external reminders of the Season of Lent.

Click here to download the Lent Devotional Guide