Lent is a forty-day journey of preparation, self-denial, repentance, and renewal. It begins on Ash Wednesday (February 17, 2021) and continues until, with bated breath on Holy Saturday, we await the burst of resurrection life that is Easter Sunday (April 4, 2021). 

Below you will find our Lent Devotional Guide. This guide can stretch to meet your level of habit. If you’re just starting out, it can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Carry this guide with you to use during a break, or wake up a few minutes earlier each day to pray. A small adjustment in your routine can provide the on-ramp needed to form a lasting habit.

Lent Devotional Guide // CLICK HERE

Link to playlist here


Ash Wednesday - February 17

Palm Sunday - March 28

Maundy Thursday - April 1

Good Friday - April 2

Easter Sunrise Service - April 4

Easter Sunday - April 4

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