The Church of the Incarnation Youth Ministry seeks to see middle and high school students' faith come alive, by fully embracing the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom in the midst of the secular age. 

In particular, the Youth Ministry leads our students to do three things: belong, learn, and serve. 

Belong: We work to cultivate for our students a thick sense of belonging both in our group itself and through intergenerational friendships with other adults in the church. 

Learn: On Sunday nights we work our way through a cycle of study that explores: 1) the fundamentals of faith in an age of doubt; 2) the intersection of Christ and culture; and, 3) how spiritual practices can address the vices that entangle us. 

Serve: Our goal is to develop in our students a healthy work ethic that serves the church and the needs in our city. To this end, our students pitch in at church, serve in the community, and fundraise for camp. 

The Details

  • The Youth Group meets upstairs at the church on Sunday nights, 4:30–6:00pm. Use the Mason Street entrance. 
  • We also participate in Camp Booyah, an Anglican camp involving numerous churches in our diocese, in the winter and summer. 
  • Volunteer leaders shepherd small groups (middle and high school, guys and girls). These meet on Sunday nights and occasionally during the week. 

For more information, email Wilson West at