Art and music

Arts Incarnate is an extension of The Church of the Incarnation with the intent to bring quality music, visual art, and arts events to the greater Downtown Harrisonburg community. If we stop to look and listen to our natural world we'll see and hear God in the world around us. We believe that the arts were given to us by God our creator and that he created us to create. We strive to support and nurture those who are gifted with the creativity necessary for this task in their calling to serve the common good. 

Music and art are a central part of our culture and we have an intentionality of being present in our community. Not only our human culture, but also our local culture. As the aesthetic and aural dimension of a community flourishes, so the community as a whole flourishes. We seek to be a welcoming vessel for visual and performing artists and to those seeking to experience and enjoy the arts.