our core values


We gather around the magnetic center of Jesus Christ.  Through his life, death, and resurrection, God's kingdom has arrived on earth to renew all things-our relationship with God, ourselves, others, and the world.

personal transformation

We help people respond in faith to the new reality that the Kingdom of God has arrived in Jesus and to learn the practices of spiritual formation: renewing minds, reordering priorities, reshaping habits, and redirecting work.

community formation

We live with one another as a community of friends--across generational, ethnic, and cultural lines--extending personal care to one another.

public faith

In being honest and transparent about our faith, we endeavor to be relationally winsome, accessible, respectful, humble, and loving, even when it requires courage for us to announce the gospel.

city vision

With all the resources of our faith and life, we work sacrificially with others to build a great, flourishing city for all people.

mercy and justice

We seek to protect the weak and vulnerable, to take up their injustice and show compassion while also seeking remedies for structural evil and institutional injustice.

cultural renewal

We equip people in their various vocations to enter into culture as faithful stewards of the world because we share in God's yearning for all of culture to be redeemed and renewed.

church planting

We use resources that God has given us to start and support new churches, because the local church is the primary agent of God's kingdom.

gospel movement

We want to be a catalyst for a movement of the gospel in our city and region that is a dynamic set of interactive relationships between gospel centered churches, a variety of specialist ministries, as well as many other institutions, non-profits, organizations, and companies united by a common vision and a spirit of cooperation.