Sundays: 9am & 11am

We hold two worship services every Sunday, each followed by informal fellowship with coffee (from Broad Porch Coffee) and bagels  (Mr. J's)

Ash Wednesday: Feb. 26, 5pm & 6:30pm

Location: 292 North Liberty Street (across the street from the L&S Diner, across the parking lot from Matchbox). Click here for a map. Parking available on Liberty Street along with 2 lots across from L&S Diner and Matchbox Realty.

العبادة باللغة العربية الساعة 3:00 مساء

(Worship in Arabic at 3:00pm)

تتوفر الترجمة بين اللغة العربية واللغة الإنجليزية حسب الحاجة

(Translation between Arabic and English is available as needed).

Liturgical Worship   I     Community    I     Kingdom Work     

Your Body Matters...Liturgical worship helps our

bodies and souls experience God. 


Your Relationships Matter...We are a community of friends

who have become family because of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Your Work Matters...We use our work to bring God's right-rule to our lives, neighborhoods, and relationships.

A Church for the friendly city

The Church of the Incarnation is a community of friends who are family because of Jesus Christ.  He is the reason we gather each week to worship as we pray and sing, learn and talk, eat and drink and laugh.  We follow Jesus and we seek to love and serve our city and valley together.  You should join in.

We know how hard it is to feel connected to God and to your community.  We give you practical tools to grow in your relationship with Jesus, and connect you to others who are working to bring God's kingdom to Harrisonburg, the Valley, and the world at large.

We have easy ways for you to learn and grow.  Worship on Sundays is the easiest way to enter into the life of the church and from there we invite you to join us for our visitor lunches.  These are meals shared after Sunday worship where we connect and share the story of God's work in Harrisonburg and in our church.  We also offer a 5-week Bible study called "Essentials" that teaches you the essentials of Christianity and a vision of our church.  Lastly, we share life together weekly in our small groups.  This is the beating heart of our church, in small groups we eat, listen, and pray for each other and our neighborhoods.

Our hope doesn't rest in our own strength or ability.  Our hope comes from the love, mercy, and grace of God that we've seen in the risen Lord Jesus.  We share this good news and we're seeing our lives and the life of our community being changed.  By following Jesus and the way of his cross, we are able to offer self-giving, sacrificial love.  We see this in our church through faithful marriages, homes full of laughter and children with full hearts that love God and neighbor.

Won't you join us?

Whether you're a long-time churchgoer or just beginning to investigate Jesus, 

we want you to join with us in the renewal of all things.  

Serving Your Children

We know how stressful it can be to visit a church and not know what is happening with your kids.  We encourage children to join into the life of our church, including worship services.  We also provide age-appropriate care for children in both of our morning services. Each option is staffed with two screened volunteers.


Newborns to 1 year olds are welcome to our

nursery nook in the front of our building.

Toddler Room

In the back hallway of our church, 

past the restrooms, you'll find our toddler room.


Please fill out the drop-off form before returning to the sanctuary.

Godly Play: 

This is a model of instruction that teaches our children about God through stories, play and wonder.  This is a powerful discipleship tool for children.  

Godly Play is offered for children ages 3-6 (and ages 6-9 during Lent and Advent)

How do you join in?

We share our lives both organically and institutionally.  We gather for worship Sunday mornings and throughout the week through small groups and life together.  Our church has been blessed with deep and meaningful friendships that cross generational and cultural divides.

  • We gather for worship Sunday mornings at 9am and 11am (service in English) and 3pm (service in Arabic).

    God inhabits the praises of his people, this time is for prayer, singing, scripture and Eucharist together. Sunday morning Worship is the easiest way to enter into the life of our church.

  • The Kingdom of God is primarily local.  We gather in Small Groups geographically so we can meet the spiritual and practical needs of our communities.

  • Essentials

    Essentials is our 5-week Bible study that will introduce you to the heart and mission of our church.  This study teaches the essentials of the Christian faith and is perfect for Christians and those who are exploring the faith.

  • A Better Story

    A strong faith is a well-examined faith.  Our church maintains the practice of catechesis, a series of teachings that will help you grow in your Christian faith.  These are classes taught by Aubrey Spears typically twice a year on various topics.  Topics include: "Gender and Sexuality," "Money" and "Scripture."

I want to Join the life of the church

If you want to be connected to the life of the church, click below and join our newsletter.  This will help you grow and connect with your community.