We gather for worship on Sundays at 9am and 11am (in English) and 3pm (in Arabic).

The Most Important Thing We Do

Worship is the chief work of God's people. We assemble together on Sunday mornings because we believe God will do what God has promised. What has he promised to do in our worship? He calls us together promising to cleanse us from our sins, speak to us in his Word, hear our prayers and praises, feed us at his Table, and send us out into the world under his blessing. So we come together expectantly looking to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to work on us and in us in order that we might work for him.

Child Friendly

Children are welcome in our worship services. We provide the following care for children on Sunday mornings for both services: Nursery (ages 0-1), Toddler Room (ages 1-3), Godly Play (ages 3-6) (and for ages 6-9 during Lent and Advent). All Children return to parents at passing of the peace. 

Joyful Reverence

The earliest Christians believed that Jesus was crucified and died on what is now called Good Friday. Then by the greatest of all miracles, he came back to life on the first Easter. His resurrection meant for them the repair of a broken past, hope for the present, and the promise of eternal life together in the future. In solemn remembrance of Jesus’ death, and in joyful celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, they began a tradition of meeting each Sunday to worship him.

Ancient Relevance

We are a liturgical church. Our worship services follow the same basic outline used by most Christian churches since the days of the earliest Christians. However, we fill in the details of the service with the music and language of the present. The Lord Jesus gathers us as his people at his Table to forgive our sins, speak to us in the reading and preaching of his Word, hear our praises and prayers, and feed us in Holy Communion before sending us out once more to serve him in the world. The printed worship guide allows congregants to follow along easily.

Holy Communion

Each week, we celebrate the Lord's Supper. Its "significance is as high and deep and wide as salvation itself...[It] is the world in miniature...Within it we find clues to the meaning of all creation and all history, to the nature of God and the nature of man, to the mystery of the world, which is Christ." Through the Eucharist "we commune with the Father through the body and blood of the Son in the power of the Spirit; we commune with one another in the breaking of bread and sharing the cup; and finally, we remember the death of Christ for the forgiveness of sins, not only ours but for the whole world" (Peter Leithart). Truly, this is a feast in the presence of the Lord Jesus and a means of grace for his disciples. We invite to the Lord’s Table all persons, including children, who have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and who are endeavoring to follow Him through repentance and faith. If you don’t know where you stand with Jesus, or if you are estranged from him or the church, you are welcome to come forward and receive a blessing, or you may remain seated.