Resources for children on sundays at home

Here are some ideas and resources for engaging children during the live-streamed worship services on Sundays. This simple guide takes a little preparation and uses the materials you have on hand.

To prepare, find the Scripture passages for Sunday morning and read the Scripture with your children before the worship service. Then discuss the questions below. Gather the materials you have agreed on and have them ready for the children during the sermon time. This can be done as soon as the worship guide is available and is best to be done before the worship service. Hint: Keep these materials gathered and not available until the sermon! This will build excitement for the children’s engagement in the service and make the activity special.

During the service, the children can participate in the singing. Your child can have their Bible ready during the Scripture reading. Readers can follow along. For pre-readers, this is an important moment when you can snuggle with them as you model the importance of Scripture reading. They can touch and smell the cover, the pages and see your reverence for God’s Holy Word.

In response to the Scripture passages that were read, you can invite your child to do any of the following as the sermon is being preached.

  • Say to your child: "I wonder what verse from the Scripture passage you want to remember." And then encourage them to write it down during the sermon. 
  • Say to your child: "I wonder what you see in the Scripture passage that is a reason to praise God." They can write or illustrate this.
  • Say to your child: "I wonder what you think is important to remember from the Scripture and the sermon." They can draw or use the art media you have on hand to create something during the sermon.

Give the child time to work on their response during the sermon. 

At some point, perhaps during your noon meal, have them share their response.

For other ideas, contact Vicki Nolt, our Children’s Director of Spiritual Formation, at