DownTown Talks 2013

Understanding the Christian View of God

Nov 7, 14, 21, 2013     7–8:30 p.m.     Wine & Cheese, Lecture, Q&A

How is the Christian view of God rational? How is it distinct from the views of God in other religions? What difference can Christianity’s unique claims about God make for your life today? 

Nov 7: Triune God: How Can Three Persons be One God? 

Nov 14: Incarnate God: How Can God Become a Man? 

Nov 21: Redeemer God: How Can One Death Save the World? 

(Click here to access audio recordings of these talks in our media player under the series "DownTown Talks.")

Each night focused on one particular and unique claim Christianity makes about God. For each claim, the lecture sought to clear up common misconceptions, address common objections, offer basic arguments, and identified the relevance for our worldview and life. 

DownTown Talks is intended for Christians and for those who are not committed to Christianity but want to understand the Christian view of God.