Capital Campaign

Gods glory, The City's Good

In 2019, Church of the Incarnation purchased the Carter Bank Building in downtown Harrisonburg in order to provide an adequate space for worship, mark milestones of weddings and funerals, house the church offices, invite kids of all ages to learn about Jesus, and serve as a ministry launchpad for training leaders and equipping church planters that multiple ministry, mercy, and justice city-wide.

Just as importantly, we envisioned a place for the city – a place for serving the poor, welcoming neighbors, and opening our doors as an affordable public utility for multipurpose use.

In 2020, Incarnation launched a $3 million capital campaign to renovate the bank. These funds would fully cover the cost of the renovation, leaving the church with a $800,000 mortgage from the initial purchase of the building.

The Incarnation family gave beyond what anyone thought was possible, committing $2.96M to the project.

So work began.

During the renovation, three things happened:

  • Increased project scope
  • The need to replace the elevator
  • The discovery that the external glass on the building was unsafe.

Taken together, these changes amount to an additional $500,000 in costs.

In order to cover these costs, Incarnation must acquire a larger mortgage. Combined with the original loans to purchase the building, this brings the church’s overall debt to $1.3 million.

Debt of this size will limit the church’s ability to reach out in mission.

So we’re doing something new. We’re reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors to cover these costs. Our goal is to raise $1.3 million, and bring the church’s debt load to zero.

If you have given already to this project: Thank you! We wouldn’t be here without your support. Thank you for fulfilling your pledges, and please continue to give.

If you are new to this project: Please consider giving. Your gift will have a substantial impact on Incarnation’s future.

To give online, click here and select “New Building Fund” from the drop down menu.

To learn about other ways to give, click here.

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