Flourishing pastors wear several hats: disciple, prophet, shepherd, steward, missionary, and priest. Learning to wear these hats well is essential to a fruitful future in senior church leadership. We are looking for a curate who desires to advance in these six aspects of Christian leadership by immersion in the following diverse and wide-ranging responsibilities: (1) Ministry–work closely with the Rector and Associate Rector in pastoral leadership of the church, while developing a specialized ministry competency; (2) Leadership–play an active role in developing, communicating, and stewarding the vision of the church; (3) Practical–gain competencies and institutional intelligence necessary to partner with the church's staff and equip its volunteer teams; (4) Personal–develop spiritual, emotional, relational, and financial strategies for long-term fruitfulness in senior church leadership. See the job description for more information.

Youth Director

The Youth Director oversees and champions ministries related to teenagers in the Church of the Incarnation. He or she serves, envisions, and communicates teenagers' and families' needs and develops a long-term, growth-oriented strategy for youth ministry at Incarnation. We would like for this position to begin June 1, 2020, but we are happy to consider earlier start dates. For more information, see the job description.