Capital Campaign

Renovating 75 N. Mason Street

A New Home for The Church of the Incarnation in Harrisonburg

Our church family began on Campbell Street. Some of you remember worshipping together in the Spears' first home, and some of you joined in the Madison Mortgage building on East Market Street. Many more have joined us during our time together at 292 N. Liberty Street. 

Our time has been marked by deep friendships, Kingdom work, and growth. We have, in fact, outgrown our wonderful church building. So we're moving to a new space that will house our growing family and provide increased opportunities to worship God and serve our community. 

We are renovating 75 N. Mason Street. We need prayer and financial support. 

We have sold our current building and are renting until 75 N. Mason is renovated. We are seeking to raise $3,000,000 over the next three years to pay for the purchase and renovation. 

As of January 2021, by the grace and mercy of God, our gifts total $2,947,170 ($2,143,044 as pledges and $804,126 as gifts unpledged). Praise be to God! 

how Can i give?

Please review your finances and determine the amount you will give over the next three years to help us build a new home for our church. 

Other ways to give include stock gifts or IRA distributions. Please contact Edwin Good at for more information on alternative giving. 

Capital Campaign goal: $3,000,000

We are seeking financial gifts in each of the categories below. As you determine your own financial capacity for giving, it may fit into one of these categories, or it may be something entirely different than what is listed below.
  • $720 (Annually $240, Monthly $20, Weekly $5)
  • $1,800 (Annually $600, Monthly $50, Weekly $12)
  • $3,600 (Annually $1,200, Monthly $100, Weekly $23)
  • $5,400 (Annually $1,800, Monthly $150, Weekly $35)
  • $7,200 (Annually $2,400, Monthly $200, Weekly $46)
  • $14,400 (Annually, $4,800, Monthly $400, Weekly $100)
  • $45,000 (Annually $15,000, Monthly $1,250, Weekly $300)
  • $90,000 (Annually $30,000)
  • $240,000 (Annually $80,000)
  • $300,000 (Annually $100,000)
  • $600,000 (Annually $200,000)
  • $750,000 (Annually $250,000)

Two ways to submit your pledge

Your financial contribution is confidential and only seen by those on the Capital Campaign. Below you will find links for ways to submit your pledge: by mail and online. Additionally, you can bring your pledge card to our Pledge Sunday worship service on November 29th. Pledge cards can also be found at church. 

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The above images are preliminary renderings.