Incarnation artists' guild

As a guild, we work together for the good of Harrisonburg and the Valley through art that affirms human flourishing and enriches imaginations for generations to come. We make art that inspires mercy and justice; cultural renewal; and changed lives. We are Christian artists who work individually and collectively to create art that moves the gospel forward in our corner of the Kingdom of God for the good work of our profession.

Together as a guild of artists, we seek the flourishing of our community

as we encourage one another's artistic practice; study and discuss books and articles together; share meals with one another; work collectively and collaboratively on artwork; open our gallery's doors and walls to the community; and collaborate with local artists for the common good of Harrisonburg and the Valley.

What we're up to

Currently in the guild, we are getting ourselves settled into what it means to be a "guild" of working professionals in Art. Since the formation of our church, we have worked together (adding to our number) to fill the walls of the sanctuary with art. Now that we have many years under our belt, having established our gallery, we are taking the next step in organizing ourselves for the sake of Art, our city, and the glory of God. The tendency with creatives when we gather in groups is to set forth immediately in creating, working on a project. With establishing ourselves as the Incarnation Artists' Guild, we hope to encourage and support one another in our work through study, prayer, and sharing meals and resources with one another. We aim to affirm the good work of creating good Art together as Christians committed to the vocation of Creating.

November 2017

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Our guild is volunteer-based and centers itself on our vision to make art that affirms human flourishing and enriches imaginations for generations to come. We are a Christian guild, committing ourselves individually and collectively to lives centered on Jesus Christ, putting forth our work for the common good and the glory of God.