Friends & Family

The Church of the Incarnation is a community of friends who are family because of Jesus Christ. He is the reason we gather each week to worship as we pray and sing, learn and talk, eat and drink and laugh. We follow Jesus and seek to love and serve our city and valley together. You are welcome to join with us.

We are committed to embodying the Kingdom of God in Harrisonburg and the Valley. In this way, we participate with God in his redemption of his world, a world that we experience as both very good and very broken.

Our hope does not rest in our own strength or ingenuity, but upon the love, mercy, and grace of God which we come to see most clearly through the good news of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Through this good news, God literally transforms lives and communities, bringing about reconciliation and leading us to follow Jesus on the way of the cross—the way of self-giving, sacrificial love. Our Christian faith, in other words, is intensely practical. It must always translate into faithful marriages, children with fat souls, and laughter around dinner tables.

We welcome all, whether long-time churchgoers or those who are just beginning to investigate Jesus, prodigals and prudes, the marginalized and the mainstream, to experience the kiss and inheritance of the Father at the expense of the Son (Luke 15:11-32).